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Pimples caused by sebaceous glands that become clogged with skin lubricant. If the pimples are present for a long time and consist of blackheads and white, inflamed areas, we call it acne. Especially during puberty, many young people suffer from youth pimples. However, acne can also occur in an adult. The pimples are usually in the face, neck and neck and on the back and shoulders.

The pimples can be caused by hormones, hereditary predisposition, cosmetics or, for example, scratching the spots.

What to do against pimples: tips for home

Of course you want to get rid of the annoying pimples on your face, back or in your neck. We give you a few tips for at home, to prevent the pimples from getting worse:

Provide good hygiene, but do not wash the skin with soap
Do not use cosmetics that clog the pores
Do not pick or pinch the pimples
Do not cover the skin with synthetic clothing
In case of acne, use skin products specifically for this condition

What to do against pimples: medicines for acne

Are your pimples not going away automatically and do you have a lot of trouble? There are various medicines for acne available. Your doctor or dermatologist can help you with:

A number of possible treatments with medicines:

local benzoyl peroxide gel
antibiotic to be applied locally
antibiotic treatment against acne
tretinoin cream (vitamin A acid)
isotretinoin (Roaccutane®)
contraceptive pill (Diane)

The pimples can be brought under control with the help of medication. In addition, it is good to further improve your skin and make it healthy again.

What to do against pimples: skin improvement and scars remove pimples

Pimples that fall under the acne category sometimes cause considerable scarring. Very annoying, because these often persist when your pimples are gone. Fortunately, it is possible to improve your skin , reduce rough pores and scars . Huisart clinic offers a number of options for this:

Chemical peels from Obagi : these peelings penetrate deep into the skin. Your skin will moult and is stimulated to create new, healthy skin.
ZO Medical products: this Obagi product line is suitable for home use and can (if necessary in combination with chemical peels) greatly improve the skin. This line should only be prescribed by a doctor or skin therapist and is suitable for acne (scarring) and pigmentation.
Laser treatment eMatrix: this laser burns small holes in the skin and stimulates the production of subcutaneous connective tissue.

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