How do you make a pre-workout yourself?

When you can use some extra energy , it is an idea to do a pre-workout : it gives you an energy boost, so that you perform better during training. The disadvantage? My Greens Daily Pre-workouts are expensive, especially if you want to use them regularly.

Moreover, with ready-made pre-workouts you have very little control over the substances that you put into your body. Fortunately, the solution is very simple: it is not difficult at all to make a pre-workout yourself!

Make your own pre-workout

Below we list the most important ingredients for your own pre-workout.


Caffeine is perhaps the best-known stimulant – it is not without reason that it is also found in energy drinks and other peppers. It stimulates the nervous system and makes you feel less tired .

Unfortunately, habituation can also occur quickly, so it is important not to put too much into your own pre-workout. 100 mg is a good dose – or a little less if you find yourself sleeping poorly and becoming restless.

Beta-alanine beta-alanine

Beta-alanine is an amino acid that mainly improves the endurance of your muscles : acidification is less likely to occur. If you do more sets of repetitions in your training, this substance is more useful than if you only train briefly, so it is wise to consider for yourself how much beta-alanine you will need. 2.5 to 5 grams is a good dose for your home-made pre-workout, where you use more if you train longer.

Citruline Malate citruline malate

Citruline Malate is a nitrate that is converted into nitrite in the body – which is then transformed into nitric oxide. This improves blood flow and lowers your blood pressure. Also recover your muscles faster thanks to this fabric. 6 grams is a good dose for your homemade pre-workout; make sure you do not take more than 10 grams, as that can cause diarrhea .


L-Carnitine is also an amino acid. It improves the burning of fats , making it easier to get more energy during exercise. In addition, it gives you more power. Most people already get quite a bit of Carnitine from eating red meat , so a supplement is not always necessary in your own pre-workout. If you do choose it, then a dose of 3-4 grams is best.

Creatine monohydrate

Creatine is a well-known substance to support extra strength and muscle building . Manufacturers continue to release new variants, but as far as known, Creatine Monohydrate is still the most effective to use. 5 grams per day is sufficient for your home-made pre-workout. Pay attention, because some people do not respond to creatine at all or even get sick. If you belong to that group, you should not take the matter.

10 Surprising Causes of his Male Breasts

1. Ready-to-eat meals

The plastic trays that are used to package ready-to-eat meals contain a lot of phthalates. These substances are known to contribute to the formation of male breasts. When you heat the trays in the microwave, those phthalates end up in your food. Men who really want to eat prepared meals get it better from their packaging for warming up.

2. Plastic bottles

Plastic drinking bottles also contain phthalates. If the plastic is heated up, for example because the bottle remains in the car, those phthalates can be released in your drink.

3. Food in tins

The same happens with canned food, because those packages also contain phthalates. Goulding therefore recommends avoiding these foods as much as possible.

4. Poor liver

Your liver is responsible for the breakdown of the substances that lead to male breasts. But if you take in too much alcohol or caffeine, your liver can not work optimally and the chance of ‘moobs’ is a bit bigger.

5. Stress

The testosterone in a man’s body helps to break down fat around the breasts. But if you have stress, less testosterone is produced and the chance of ‘moobs’ is therefore greater.

6. Too many sports

Strengthening your muscles is a good way to combat male breasts. On the other hand, sports also ensure that stress hormones are released, and they just contribute to their formation.

7. Shower gel

A lot of toilet products contain parabens, some of which have shown that they can lead to hormonal changes. If you use a lot of shampoo, shower gel, deodorant and aftershave, it is a good idea to look for paraben-free versions.

8. A low-fat diet

You have to lose fat to get rid of your men’s breasts, but a diet with too little fat is bad for your testosterone levels. However, you need that hormone to lose your female figure.

9. Constipation

If you go to the toilet less than once a day, you must urgently change it. After all, your gut forms an important waste system for many substances that otherwise lead to male breasts.

10. Sugar

Research has shown that eating sugar interferes with the levels of male hormones. That can lead to male breasts.

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What to do Against Pimples?

What are pimples?

pimplesPores are openings in your skin. If these pores become clogged, a pimple is created. Pores are blocked by the underlying sebaceous glands, these sebaceous glands are under your skin, there are millions. These glands produce sebum, which is an oily substance that ensures that the top layer of your skin is protected against dehydration and it also keeps the skin supple. Especially in puberty, the sebaceous glands develop more sebum, which is why teenagers often suffer from pimples. The high production of sebum lasts approximately until the 19th year, after which it slowly decreases. People who suffer from pimples often also have oily skin.


Many people squeeze their pimples out, they disappear quickly, but often they also come back with multiple and so pimples can quickly spread over your entire face. Do not squeeze them out, but try to reduce pimples with the tips below.


Cleaning your face is an important step to prevent pimples. Less pimples occur on clean skin. Cleanse your face when you get out of bed and go to bed before you go. You can do this with products that you like to use. Many young people use Clearasil, but this is actually not good for your skin at all. It is a pretty aggressive tool. You could opt for products on a natural basis.


Some people also get pimples from wearing certain makeup. A foundation naturally goes on your face and clogs your pores somewhat, which in turn causes new pimples. Many girls do not want to go out without the make-up and for them it’s just a test of which foundation they get the least pimples. In recent years, BB-cream is increasingly on the rise, this could be a good solution. BB-cream is a nourishing cream with a color. The more expensive variants adapt to the color of your skin and make imperfections disappear, they also pull light wrinkles tight. BB creams are also very caring and therefore perhaps a better solution than foundation. Powder your face off after using a BB cream, then you get a somewhat matter effect.

Healthy food

A healthy diet is also important to prevent pimples. Many people get pimples when they eat a lot of unhealthy things like chips, chocolate, cookies, candy and many other greasy and unhealthy things. If you try to eat healthy every day, you will soon see results in your face. Sufficient fruit and vegetables are important. Also try to reduce meat, because especially pork people sometimes get pimples or other pimples in their faces. Take once a fish or a vegetarian burger or skip a day of meat, because you really do not need it every day.

Drink lots of water

Try to reduce the use of soft drinks and try to drink as much water as possible. At least 1.5 liters of water per day. Water cleans your body and your waste products disappear from your body faster. You can also drink tea, choose green tea or rooibos tea.

Vitamin D

At the drugstore you can buy vitamin D pills with brewer’s yeast. If you take a pill every day you will see that your skin looks a lot nicer within two weeks. Pimples disappear and your skin looks nicer. Vitamin D is also good for your hair and nails. Your hair becomes stronger, breaks down less quickly and it also becomes more shiny. Your nails will also become stronger and will also break down less quickly. Vitamin D pills are a good addition to healthy food.

Vitamin C

You can also take vitamin C pills every day. Vitamin C has a positive effect on the skin and also ensures good resistance. It is sometimes thought that an excess of vitamin C is not good, but the excess vitamin C automatically disappears from your body.

Sunbed and sunlight

If you occasionally go to the solarium, this also helps to prevent pimples, in the summer you can also sit in the sun. The sunlight is good for the skin and often also causes a reduction of pimples.

Birth control

From the age of 16 you can take contraception, also called the pill. For people who suffer from severe acne and pimples is often prescribed the Diane 35 pill, now it has recently been shown that this pill in the long term can be very dangerous. The Diane 35 pill works very well against pimples and acne, but around the 20th you should try to switch to a different pill. The Yasmin pill is also a very good pill and if you do not want to take a pill, there are plenty of other contraceptives.


At the Action they sell snail glue gel and they also have good nose strips, both work very well against pimples of blackheads and acne. You can also use a mask once a week, this takes care of your face and you have special masks against pimples, which dry out your pimples so they disappear faster. There are plenty of things you can try, it is just a test and see which products help you the best.

Extend Eyelashes – Make Eyelashes Thicker

Full eyelashes can immediately make the eyes more beautiful and glamorous. Although some women are naturally blessed with full and long lashes, others need to use special products and adjust their lifestyle to lengthen and lash their eyelashes. Below are some tips. how to grow long eyelashes naturally, best home remedies

Vitamin E

Break a capsule with vitamin E oil and lubricate your lashes daily. Do this for at least one month.

Olive oil

Olive oil is also very good to extend and thicken your lashes. The easiest thing is to use the olive oil instead of a cleanser or cleanser. Wash off with lukewarm water.

beautiful eyelashes

Almond oil

Extend eyelashes and make them thicker by rubbing them daily with almond oil. It is best to apply this before going to sleep and have them withdrawn overnight.


Vaseline stimulates eyelash growth and improves the texture of the eyelashes. Apply the Vaseline directly to the lashes (possibly with the help of a brush) and let it work overnight. Instead of petroleum jelly, you can also use glycerine.

Calendula flowers and corn flowers

Make a lotion based on calendula flowers and corn flowers. Massage the eyelashes daily.

Cut Eyelashes

Everyone knows that the hair on your scalp grows faster if you let it cut. This is just the same with eyelashes. By cutting off the ends, you will soon extend your lashes and make them thicker.

Healthy Food

A healthy diet is important and must contain enough vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates. Smoothies are particularly suitable for stimulating eyelash growth; there are even special smoothies to improve eyelash growth and hair growth .

Vitamin B and vitamin D

Take extra vitamin B and vitamin D. These vitamins make the lashes thicker and make them more resistant to external factors such as mascara and curling irons.


Avoid using mascara as much as possible and certainly do not make makeup in the lashes when you go to sleep. Mascara prevents the growth of the eyelashes.