Along The Wapsipinicon River

Along The Wapsipinicon River

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Extend eyelashes / make eyelashes thicker

Full eyelashes can immediately make the eyes more beautiful and glamorous. Although some women are naturally blessed with full and long lashes, others need to use special products and adjust their lifestyle to lengthen and thicken their lashes. Below are some tips. Vitamin E Break […]


Pimples caused by sebaceous glands that become clogged with skin lubricant. If the pimples are present for a long time and consist of blackheads and white, inflamed areas, we call it acne. Especially during puberty, many young people suffer from youth pimples. However, acne can […]

Seven Man Made Wonders Of USA

From a sculpture carved out of a mountain to the bridges of spectacular beauty, the wonders are marvels of engineering and style and works of gifted engineers. Let’s have a within look at the above 7 manufactured wonders of the U.S.A: Washington Monument Washington Monolith […]

Minnessota Protects Its Ash Trees

It’s hard to believe that something the size of a little beetle can have such a destructive result on millions of trees. Such is the case with the emerald ash borer, responsible for the damage of over 30 million American and Canadian ash trees. Belonging […]

Greenest States In USA

The pollution has become a serious problem to many nations around the world. Individuals from worldwide, consisting of lots of Americans, are trying to manage and overcome this issue. However, there are lots of people in America are proud of their fresh air. For instances, […]

About Wapsi

The Wapsipinicon River (locally known as the Wapsie) is a tributary of the Mississippi River, approximately 225 miles long, in northeastern Iowa in the United States. It drains a rural farming region of rolling hills and bluffs north of Waterloo and Cedar Rapids. It rises […]